Biotechnological R&D Consultancy and Industry Trade company was established in Antalya, TEKNOKENT in 2012 to carry our research and development activities with regard to cosmetics, medicine and functional food supplements.


Morlab makes effort to turn biotechnological approaches which take place in all stages of our lives into a significant anfd dynamic industrial activity in a way to be performed by people.

Morlab includes such physical sciences as cell and tissue biology culture, molecular biology, microbiology, molecular physiology and biochemistry to it’s studies with a multidisciplinary working principle in the field of cosmetology and introduces some products whose efficiency was proved in terms of functionality.


Morlab carries out molecular cosmetics researches in accordance with the following principles of using:


Active agent having a higher purity,

Better efficiency,

lower dosage,

More security,

Newer active ingredients,

Newer techniques,


Morlabaims at turning medicinal and aromatic plants which are natural treasuries of our country, into biotechnological products which can be produced at high purities and on industry-scale and be used in medicine and cosmetics industry.


In the future; Morlab will be dominating human health and quality of life as a global company.

Our vision is

To bring togethe rpeople and products with high standardand quality, combining our country’s natural richnesses with biotechnology approaches.

To become an institution researching in international standards, owning a speciality of reference laboratory by improving our research and development activity.

Our mission is

To contribute to:

Socio-economic developmentof our country,

Increase in ourregion’s brand value in global area,

Advancement of ourcountry’s technological improvement level,

Increase in superiority competition in global market

Enhancement people’squality of  life

Production skills and knowledge suc as Know-How, etc.

Provision of environmentally-friendly products free from negative chemicals with people