An Ultra-Fine Oat Flour
Benefits Sheet

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Avena sativa (Oat) Meal Extract

INCI Monograph ID: 8557

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A highly effective textural base that provides a luxuriant silky feel with natural lipid and antioxidant content Oat* SILK is an excellent replacement for cereal starches or talc where an improved cream or lotion feel is important, with the additional benefit of the presence of natural lipids and antioxidants . Oat® SILK reduces the greasy feel of formulations by absorbing formulated oil and has an immediate brightening and mattifying effect on skin tone. It is also easy to formulate within a wide range of pH and temperatures.

What is Oat® SILK?
Oat® SILK is a finely milled debranned oat flour produced in Sweden, containing approximately 7% oat oil together with oat antioxidants, and natural beta-glucan. Sweden is one of the foremost oat producing countries in the world, with its spring grown oats renowned for their high grain quality which are utilised for human and cosmetic applications, and exported across the world. The oats are grown under contract by selected growers following best-practice sustainable arable cropping techniques.

Oat® SILK range
Oat® SILK is available to formulators in 2 grades, each created from carefully selected varieties of oats that are naturally high in phyto-actives for versatility, activity and functionality. The grades have been specifically created with the cosmetic industry in mind, they are easy to use and formulate with. Whether you are developing products for the Natural or OTC sector, there is a grade suitable for your requirements.

The Manufacture of Oat® SILK
Oats are carefully selected from the farm before being cleaned and sized. The hulls are then removed and stabilized to ensure shelf life is maximized. This is followed by a debranning process to purify the oat flour, after which it is milled and sized to achieve the consistent small particle profile which imparts the unique silky feel of Oat® SILK.
High levels of microbial purity are achieved during the process and as the oat flour is manufactured without the use of chemicals, Oat® SILK 12 is approved as ‘natural’ under ECOCERT and COSMOS.
The sterile version, Oat® SILK IRR, is irradiated and designed for textural modification of sensitive skin care and colour cosmetic formulations.

  • Oat® SILK Physical and Chemical Properties:
    A very fine, controlled particle size
    Excellent microbial purity
    High oil content for cereal starches
    Approximately 12% protein content
    Approximately 1 to 2% beta-glucan content
    Contains Vitamin E and oat antioxidants