Elastases are enzymes released from neutrophils and dermal fibroblasts , and are thought to be produced through a signal cascade that is induced by skin inflammation resulting from UV damage. Neutrophils are typical inflammatory cells that secrete neutrophil elastase (NE) in the acute inflammation phase. NE is a well-studied elastase that cleaves a variety of proteins. A relationship between UV exposure and neutrophil infiltration in skin has been suggested, and it has been reported that neutrophil infiltration inhumanskinisobservedafter a single erythemaldose of irradiation by solar simulated radiation UV. It is known that interstitial collagenases MMP-1 mainly act as damage factors to type I collagen in the dermis, and their activity is elevated following UV irradiation NE indirectly plays a role in skin photoaging through MMP activation (1). Natural compounds are a potential source of HNE inhibitors (2).

·        Inhibits the production of MMP-which is a major protein involved in collagen breakdown


·        Increases skin density (as a result of increased collagen synthesis)

·        Protects cells against the effects of UV radiation exposure


·        Inhibiiıon of Neutrophil Elastase



Pratical Hints


Product Name





Arnica montana Flower Extract

Hordeum vulgare Seed Extract




Recommendations: 2-4%

Can be used in 1%-10% in various formulation type




Use freely in any step to make any formulations




Storage period with original packing at general storing condition (at room temperature, normal dry condition)

Store in cool place. Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place





Apparance                          Between light yellow to yellowfish orange

Odor                                    Characteristic

Solubility                              Soluble in aqueous solutions

pH                                       3.0-5.5

Specific Gravity                  1.000-1.150 at 20 °C

Microbial Analysis               Less than 100 CFU per gram


Recommended Applications & Use Levels

Applications: For use in skin care products, especially those for ageing, anti-wrinkle.

Recommended use levels:  2-4%



1- Takeuchi H., Gomi T., Shishido M., Watanabe H., Suenobu N.,2010. Neutrophil elastase contributes to extracellular matrix damage induced by chronic low-dose UV irradiation in a hairless mouse photoaging model. Journal of Dermatological Science, 60.

2- Feng L, Liu X, Zhu W, Guo F, YingchunWu, et al. (2013) Inhibition of Human Neutrophil Elastase by Pentacyclic Triterpenes. PLoS ONE 8(12).